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The Unaffordability of Affordable Housing

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The United States as a shortage of 7.2 million affordable rental homes. A reflection of years of poor local city planning, limited input from residents, stagnate incomes to debt ratios, and underlying tones of racial discrimination, today’s affordable housing crisis is now impacting the working middle class.


This research highlights the experiences of real people to gain an understanding of the issues they are facing as working middle class looking for housing in some of the nations most expensive cities, while uncovering the challenges of the gatekeepers (real estate developers, politicians, contractors, landlords, etc.) of the housing market. Through Design Dwell, we will work to bridge the gap between residents, developers, and local government through education and advocacy to bring about factors of change that impact the affordability of housing.

Project Role: Sole Design Strategist

Parsons School of Design - Graduate Thesis

Completion Date: 2020

Responsibilities: Qualitative & Quantitative Research, Research Analysis, Data Visualization, Concept Development, Cost & Budget Development, Prototyping, Concept Implementation Strategy


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